André et Cécile Le Guellec


56360 Le Palais

Tel : 33 (0)2 97 31 52 33
Mob : 33 (0)6 70 97 84 68

A holiday in Belle Ile en Mer is fun, relaxing and not to be missed

The island is stunning, bigger than it would seem. The port of Palais is fascinating, ideal for people watching as the ferries load and unload visitors and islanders alike. There are stands to buy fresh fish caught by local fishermen, cafés and crèperies are ready to tempt you to while away the time savouring delicious local food. There are boutique shops and the old church to investigate.  Watch the tide ebbing and flowing as you relax and soak up the local ambiance.


If you are seeking a quieter time, leave Palais and explore the open spaces - there are long walks taking you around the island and often overlooking the sea. You can walk or cycle as you please as there is very little traffic on this idyllic island and you can enjoy the local golf course, sea canoeing, fishing, horse riding, rowing and diving.