André et Cécile Le Guellec


56360 Le Palais

Tel : 33 (0)2 97 31 52 33
Mob : 33 (0)6 70 97 84 68

Your hosts

Cécile and André Le Guéllec will be very happy to welcome you if you choose to spend a few days in one of their delightful gîtes on Belle Ile. 



Cécile Barrett is the daughter of a Breton French mother and an English father. Born in Nantes she was cruising on a sailboat with some friends and they stopped in Palais where she met and fell for André. Now married to André she has settled with her family and made the island her home. She likes organic food and is an active member of various cultural and sporting associations. She loves her island passionately and enjoys sharing stories and information with anyone who is interested.


André Le Guéllec is a native of the island, coming from generations of farmers and nothing would make him move from this beautiful place. As a passionate cattle breeder he will take pleasure in taking you through his fields on his tractor, giving background information on the herd from the big bull to the young calves, all of which are bred in the open air in fields that often offer stunning sea views.